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Some things, you just need to know. Like how to create your CV, or how long it takes to apply. Here, you’ll find your answers.

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Our Hints & Tips

CV Hints & Tips

CV Hint's & Tips

When applying for a new role, your CV is the first impression the business gets of you. It is crucial to land it well. Utilise your skillset gained in your career to stand out from the rest. Depending on the role, a cover letter can really help solidify the transferrable skills you have and why you feel you are the perfect candidate!

Key details to include are:

  • Up-to-date contact info; we need to be able to contact you!
  • Personal Summary - utilise this space to showcase transferrable skills if you chose not to write a cover letter
  • Career history - How do your skills apply to the role you are applying for? 
  • Education history - Does the role you are applying for require a qualification? 

Ensure your CV is up to date!  Tailor your CV for the role you are applying for.  It's important to show your transferrable skills.  Use what you have learned about the job via the advert to showcase your attributes and emphasize past accomplishments that will demonstrate how you possess these qualities.  

CV Builder

If you don’t already have a CV you can build your own using our CV builder by clicking the button below.

CV Builder

Or If you would like an electronic copy to use as a template, emailed to you please request this via the recruitment team  

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Preparing for an interview

Preparing for an interview is really important, regardless of whether you are an internal or external candidate.

Use the information you gained when applying for the role as a start to your interview preparation, that basic research on the position and department is essential.

Read the job description/advert thoroughly to refresh yourself on what the requirements for the role are and how your experience and skill set match these.  Reflect on your growth and proven talent.


Practice answering questions about yourself and your experience and most importantly what you have to offer.

Think of example situations you can give, using the star technique:

  • Situation – share the context of the situation you faced?
  • Task – describe what your responsibility was?
  • Action – explain what you did?
  • Result - what was the outcome?

You could also review sample interview questions that can be found on–line.   Having reviewed different types of questions the interviewer may ask will help with your preparation even if they don’t ask the questions you have reviewed, you will still have given yourself the chance to think about answers you may need to give.

Ensure you have questions to ask the interviewer.  Remember this is a two way process - it’s not just about if you are right for the role, but is this the right role for you too?

Interview Stages

Interview Stages

It’s worth noting that there can be different steps in the interview process.

This could be, an initial telephone screen with the recruitment team, a telephone screen with line manager, a face to face with line manager, a second stage with a Senior Manager, a panel interview, or a presentation. 

Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Ensure any mobile devices are turned off. 

Make sure if you have a copy of the job description and your list of questions with you.

If you have been asked to create a presentation for interview, please ensure you always take an additional hard copy with you just to be safe! 

Telephone interview

Telephone Interview

The above tips should also be utilised when preparing for a telephone interview. This can often be the first stage of the process and can determine if you get through to the next.

Your first impression will be any background noise around you, the location you have chosen and also the confidence you hold in the tone of your voice.

If you live in area with poor phone signal and know that a certain room holds better signal, use that room! Ensure you have the best possible chance to be successful, this after all will be your first chance in showcasing your ability to the business and to get through to the next stage. 

Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview

If you are having a virtual interview, make sure your environment and technology are suitable.

For example, your battery level, what does your environment look like - what might the interviewer be able to see? Is the environment going to be interruption free for the duration of the interview? 

Control your nerves

Take a slow breath, if you don’t understand a question, don’t be afraid to ask to get clarity or to come back to it - Don’t panic.

Remember to bring with you any documentation you have been asked to provide. 

Frequently asked Questions

You can only apply using our online recruitment system. It’s easy to follow and it’s right here on this website.

By law we can’t employ anyone under the minimum school leaving age - if you can’t join us right now, we’d love to hear from you when you can. Also, you must be 18 or over to apply for some roles e.g. Driver, or to work night shifts as well as our Distribution Centre roles. Please check for any age restrictions at the point of application.

For most roles it should take you between 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

If you can’t see ‘Apply for this job’ at the bottom of the job details (and only see ‘Email these job details to a friend’ and ‘Back to search results’) it means that you haven’t accepted the Cookie policy. To accept the Cookie policy, scroll to the top of the page (on the job details page) and click ‘accept’. You’ll then be able to apply for the role you are interested in.

First you’ll receive an email confirming that we’ve received your application. Then, if you make it to the next stage, we’ll contact you to talk about next steps. After that, we will inform you of our decision, as soon as we can, and take it from there. If you’ve not been successful, we will let you know. 

Our jobs are uploaded in real time, so we would recommend signing up for our job alerts or you can check the site on a regular basis. 

Absolutely! Just make sure you log in with the username and password you used when you very first applied.

Just apply for the vacancy online and when prompted “Have you worked for the business before” make sure you select “yes”. 

An unsuccessful initial application usually means that you don’t match our requirements for that particular role, so please think carefully before applying for the same role again. 

The system will send you a prompt if your application is incomplete before the deadline. Every role has a closing date which is displayed on the vacancy. 

When logging in, select “Forgot my password” and the system will allow you to reset. 

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