Help with applying.

Most of us appreciate a little help when applying for a job. The process can be daunting, so this section of our site is designed to support you through it.

Completing our online application form

Our form is quite straightforward: we suggest you use it to ‘sell’ yourself to us the best way you can. This means being rightfully proud of your achievements and writing about them in an engaging and positive way. It also means being honest about the things you’d like to be better at. This helps us get a sense of the real ‘you’.

You don’t have to complete the form in one go. It’s a good idea to take your time and really think about your answers. You might like to write a little then come back to it later, completing it in different sessions.

Think about your personal qualities, and about your work and life experience, and how they make you right for the job. Think about all the good things you can bring to a team.

Preparing for your interview

Your application form’s been accepted and you’ve been invited to interview. What now?

  • Do your homework: use this site to learn more about us.
  • Print out the job description of the job you have applied for and make sure you fully understand the role.
  • Visit a store (or more than one), chat to colleagues, get a feel for the place and the role you might be doing.
  • Re-read your completed application form or CV. Think of situations from your past that you can draw on as evidence to show us why you’d be good at the job.
  • Read our FAQs section and make sure you’ve understood the relevant bits.
  • Let us know in advance if you have a disability or any special requirements.
  • Consider your appearance – smartness counts for a lot.
  • Make sure you have the right contact details and directions.
  • Plan your journey carefully. Allow plenty of time so that you’re cool, calm and collected when you get here. All our stores have free parking and are close to bus and public transport links. Click here for our locations and to see our maps.
  • Be yourself!

Your interview with us

  • Be on time.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is switched off.
  • Look smart and smile.
  • Be confident, positive, engaging and professional.
  • Look interested and look your interviewer(s) in the eye.
  • Listen carefully to each question and try to answer using specific examples from your past.
  • Take your time to answer.
  • Be honest.
  • Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask us informed or difficult questions – it shows that you’re interested.

Remember, we’ve invited you to interview because we liked your application and think you could do the job. We’re on your side and want you to do well.

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